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‘I have drunk neither wine nor strong drink, but I have been pouring out my soul before the LORD.’  ~ I Samuel 1:15b  

As I have mentioned to many of you, we had a great time at the Texas State Fair this past weekend.  Ashlee’s folks relish their roles as grandparents and her brothers, Joshua and Zane, performed their parts as doting uncles with quite a bit of enthusiasm and aplomb, as well.One of the funniest moments occurred while I was speaking with some of the folks at the Texas Bee Keepers Association booth.  (I have been interested in starting a ‘hobby’ hive of my own both for honey production and to assist in the pollination of my garden.)  An jovial fellow approached the booth with great excitement and confidence—which quickly turned to disappointment.  ‘Alright!’ he said, ‘How about…oh, never mind.  I thought your sign said “Beer”.’



Ron Paul knows how NOT to spend other people’s money. 


‘We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.’  ~ General Omar Bradley, 1948  


‘In the scene FOX does not focus on the surgical details of the abortion procedure, but it is emotionally wrenching, however, as the woman cries through the abortion and her mother, beside her for emotional support, learns this is her daughter’s second abortion in less than a year.’ 


‘Within a few hours, victims [of the atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki] … began to arrive at the hospital. … “Their hair was burnt; their skin, which was charred and blackened, blistered and peeled.”  And the severity of the victims’ injuries kept increasing.  Those closer to the blast that weren’t vapourised or instantly killed had their facial features burned off, their eyes melted in their sockets, and the patterns of their clothing were tattooed on their flesh.’  ~ John Richard Stephens, Weird History 101, p. 61 [Emphasis added.] 


George W. Bush wants to ‘prevent’ World War III.  ‘World War III.  That is certainly some rhetorical point, especially coming from the man singularly most capable of making such an event reality.’ 


Mike Huckabee has some serious questions to answer.  ‘If they think Romney’s a liar, how can they excuse Huckabee’s record when compared to his rhetoric?  It’s a true case of the pot calling the kettle black.’  



Obama was ‘busted’ for not placing his hand over his heart during the playing of ‘The Star Spangled Banner.’  Now, I am certainly no supporter of his, but I say, big deal—I don’t do it, either.  Does that make me ‘Un-American’, too?  Or, could people have various—and legitimate—reasons for not doing so? And there is always the possibility (we don’t know because the photo has no caption) that the music had not yet begun to play or that it had already finished and Obama was merely the first to resume his original position.


I am shocked—shocked—to discover that Christ-mas is not mentioned in the Bible!  (Please push the ‘Sarcasm’ button…now.) 


Trust me!  I’m from the government and I’m here to help you. 


Steve Martin has made a foray into children’s books.  An excerpt from his first offering: ‘Henrietta the hare wore a habit in heaven/ Her hairdo hid hunchbacks: one hundred and seven.’ 


To-day’s 1980’s Moment is brought to you by Paul Simon:


FREEDOM! is Popular.  Google Ron Paul!   




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