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Remind them to be submissive to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready for every good work…’ ~ Titus 3:1  

Few things reveal the character of a modern society like its citizens’ behaviour on the roadways.  Apparently, the sense of self-importance and the amount of displayed aggression are encouraged and enhanced by the somewhat anonymous nature afforded one in the masses of traffic (and on the open road, for that matter) and the (errant) perception of invincibility one feels when wrapped in a tonne of steel and glass.  The result, of course, is a prevalent disregard for traffic laws and a general disdain for anything approaching courtesy or manners while behind the wheel of an automobile. Such attitudes are on full display each day as I drive to and from work.  I am continually amazed—and enraged—at the unacceptable driving behaviour of those sharing the road with me and my family.  With at least 40 minutes (each way) to digest and dissect the aforementioned maddening behaviour, I have decided that the motives for the motor madness can be ascribed to a few identifiable causes: 

– Selfishness/ Self-Absorption 

In our ‘Me First Society,’ many drivers feel that they are the most important people on the road.  (To be sure, I place a high degree of importance on the occupants of my vehicle, but I think the reader understands my point.)  They cannot be bothered to wait there turn to enter the flow of traffic, to drive a safe distance behind another—when the car in front of them is driving the speed limit—or to wait until a SAFE opportunity to pass on a two-lane road.  The ‘me-first’ attitude has been the cause (and near cause) of several wrecks on my route.  I have flinched numerous times as I watched what I thought was sure to become a mass of tangled wreckage, only to have the carnage avoided—thankfully—at the last second.  The selfishness of many drivers on the road manifests itself in a recklessness that puts them—and my family—in danger on the road unnecessarily.  It is maddening.   Of course, much of the reckless driving could be deterred if folks would, say, LEAVE HOME EARLIER SO THAT THEY ARE NOT RUSHING AT THE LAST MINUTE.  (But that’s just my opinion.) 

– Peacocking  

Much of the frustrating behaviour on the road is due to folks (almost exclusively men) showing off the power under their hood.  I watched another example of this last night at the filling station; I college-aged man on a motorcycle tore out of the parking lot like a bat out of Hell, opening the throttle with great abandon—and volume.  (I could hear him streaking down Highway 30 for what seemed like a mile.)  I reckon they enjoy the thrill and attention, regardless of the constraints of the law, but safety never seems to enter the equation. 

– Rebelliousness  

All of this behaviour, of course, flows from our rebellious and sinful nature.  Barring an infusion of the Holy Spirit, we are rebels to the core (and even then, we have our moments).  Our depravity knows no limits on the highways—speed limits or otherwise.  Still, while it should not be surprising, it should be—should be—unacceptable for Christians.  I know of numerous brothers and sisters who ignore the speed limit as a matter of course, for example.  This is a poor witness to the world.  The Scriptures instruct us to obey the laws, whether we like them or not (and regardless of the probability of getting caught or whether someone is watching).  Of course, we are not to obey those laws which are contrary to God’s Law—but again, the point is clear. Adhering to the magistrate’s laws is not only a matter of safety but a matter of obedience to God. 

So, let’s drive friendly—and lawfully—out there!  (‘Cause you’re driving me crazy!!!)  

‘No stop signs, speed limits

Nobody’s gonna slow me down.’  ~ AC/DC, Highway to Hell


Don’t look now but Ron Paul is winning!


‘Once a kid is addicted to fragmented studies and stutter steps and confusion, it is the rare person who can ever get control of their own mind and their own will again. They may get angry and refuse to do something but they don’t know how to write policy for themselves, they can’t write the script of their own lives. So if they can’t get it from their jobs, they get it from television, or from some other kind of mind control.’  ~ John Taylor Gatto, Origins and History of Compulsory American Schooling


‘A children’s fantasy  film [“The Golden Compass”] that stars Nicole Kidman and features a little girl on a quest to kill God has some Christian groups upset over what they believe is a ploy to promote atheism to kids.’  (Is it then ‘coincidence’ that it opens on Pearl Harbour Day? – ed.)


Former President Bush and Chuck Colson are scheduled to speak at an upcoming conference at the Crystal Cathedral that will ‘rethink’ Christianity.  “From my perspective as a former New Age follower, I believe that Robert Schuller’s mission has always been to ‘rethink’ and ‘change’ biblical Christianity into something ‘new’ – as in New Age/New Spirituality,” [Warren Smith] says.’


A London newspaper has ranked Ron Paul amongst the 100 most influential conservatives in the United States. 


‘One seven-year-old [Afghan] boy, Mujib, was the sole survivor of four generations of the same family who were killed in the [U.S.] air strike described at the beginning of the story. When asked what he thought of Americans, he replied, “I hate them.” Now you don’t suppose this kid might grow up to be a terrorist, do you? Nah. They hate us for our freedom.  


To-day’s 1980’s Moment is brought to you by The Police  


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October 30, 2007 at 1:32 pm

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