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‘A woman shall not wear a man’s garment, nor shall a man put on a woman’s cloak, for whoever does these things is an abomination to the LORD your God.’  ~ Deuteronomy 22:5


I heard a song on the radio the other day that reminded me of an incident that occurred ‘back in the day’ (translation: high school).  I was really into listening to Oldies in my teens and I used to turn the radio on over the intercom at the Mr. Gatti’s where I worked as we were cleaning up and closing down the store and ‘jam’ to the Everly Brothers, Beach Boys, Beatles, et al. 

One evening the DJ mentioned that listeners could call in with their birthdates and he would tell them what the Number One Song was on the Billboard Chart when they were born.  My buddy Colin called in first; his was sweet!–‘Angie’ by the Rolling Stones (click below). 


I got excited because Colin was born 8 days after I–therefore, it stood to reason, there was a good chance the Stones’ tune was my ‘birth song’ as well.

However, eight days is an eternity as far as Billboard is concerned.  The Rolling Stones?  Nope, not for Matt!  Here was the #1 ‘hit’ when I was born (ugh!):



Main Entry:  jin·go·ism

Pronunciation:  \ˈjiŋ-(ˌ)gō-ˌi-zəm\

Function:  noun

Date:  1878 : extreme chauvinism or nationalism marked especially by a belligerent foreign policy

jin·go·ist \-ist\ noun or adjective

jin·go·is·tic \ˌjiŋ-gō-ˈis-tik\ adjective

jin·go·is·ti·cal·ly \-ti-k(ə-)lē\ adverb


Here’s a triumph of Free Market Ideas that might interest Charles Ackerman called Donors Choose.



And here’s a little something for everybody’s favourite Reformed Baptist, Kyle Newcomer: ‘Tonight at Ryman Auditorium, during the Americana Music Association awards show, they’ll call Lyle Lovett a trailblazer, and they’ll give him an award to back up all the talk.’


One of the most oft-heard reasons for postponing having children is that ‘we cannot afford it at the moment.’  One author discovered something interesting while researching his book: ‘What I saw was that a family, bound together by a deeply held belief in God, could live on almost anything, anywhere, even in Los Angeles.’


There seems to be some confusion within the Methodist Church regarding perversion: ‘Phoenix was reappointed this spring by Bishop John Schol of the Methodists’ Baltimore-Washington Annual Conference, who noted that the denomination’s Book of Discipline said nothing about transgender clergy.’  That may be the case—but the Bible certainly has something to say about it!


And the confusion continues: ‘Two pastors who spoke recently with CNN explained that when it comes to religion, they still preach the core beliefs of Christianity. But when it comes to practicing what they preach in a modern world, borrowing from Scientology helps.’




‘We can no longer define ourselves as a Christian nation, nor an especially religious one in any sense.’


To-day’s 1980’s Moment is brought to you by: Fleetwood Mac


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November 1, 2007 at 3:01 pm

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  1. Nice Lyle link. I feel honored to be the Nine Pound Hammer’s favorite Reformed Baptist.


    November 1, 2007 at 10:29 pm

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