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There’s Supposed to Be a ‘G’ In There!!

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‘… Have you never read, “Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise?”’ ~ Matthew 21:16b




On my day off from work yesterday I took the Coleman Family, sans Cara Beth (thanks Aunt Hannah for babysitting!), on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Bush Presidential Library.  Although I was concerned, Ashlee assures me that I did not bore them to death with all of the Inside Baseball talk.  In fact, Pastor Coleman seemed to be the most intrigued; he asked a great deal of probing questions about my job and what we do.  (Maybe being an archivist is as glamorous as they show it in ‘National Treasure!’  Naah.)  At any rate, I am glad that the veil has been lifted from my occupation and at least someone at the church has a pretty good idea of what I do for a living!

After the stroll through the halls to view my office, the Audio-Visual archives and the Research Room, I sent Clan Coleman off on a leisurely self-guided experience through the newly redesigned (and vastly upgraded) permanent exhibit in the museum.

And after all of that, the most memorable moment of the day was when I allowed my guests to peek through the doorway into the stacks area.   Joshua took a look inside the room—which houses over 40 million pages of United States history and exclaimed, ‘It smells like doughnuts!’




Yes, I know when Jesus saved me
The very moment He forgave me
He took away my heavy burden
Lord, He gave me peace within.

Satan can’t make me doubt it
It’s real and I’m gonna shout it
I was there when it happened
And so I guess I oughta know
.  ~ Johnny Cash, I Was There When It Happened


I voted against the amendment to the Texas Constitution which appropriates 3 billion—that billion with a ‘B’—dollars for cancer research.  Let me state for the record that I am staunchly Anti-Cancer.   However, I don’t believe it is the job of the government to be in the research business nor do I think it wise to take on $3 billion (BILLION!) in debt—which the State will have to pay back with interest.  Where do you think they will get to money to do that?—from the taxpayers.

Another concern is over what types of research the money will be used for because there are few restrictions on how it is employed.  To sum up: the government is confiscating our money to be used for something outside its purview that has the potential to be immoral.  (Too bad I only got to vote ‘No’ once.)




Be sure to cover your head because the Dollar is falling fast and hard!  Get out of debt NOW!! 




In his latest book, John Hagee actually purports to prove from Scripture, among other ridiculous claims, that Jesus did not come to earth to be the Messiah and that He never claimed to be the same!!  Therefore, according to him, Jews cannot be held accountable for rejecting the Messiah!  Besides heresy, Hagee is teaching folks to make an idol of modern Israel (which is not the same as Biblical Israel).




Sarah Michelle Gellar starts out making perfect sense: ‘You can’t be selfish and have a child.’  After that she falls into the same trap that has ensared so many others to-day.  ‘Right now I want to live my life and have fun. … I want to go sit in my Jacuzzi and drink wine all night.’  Come on, can’t you see, it’s all about her




To-day’s 1980’s Moment is brought to you by: Phil Collins and Philip Bailey


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November 13, 2007 at 10:33 pm

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  1. I voted against the debt too! And that wasn’t the only debt we took on last week (which you’re obviously aware of). After seeing the results of the voting the next day, I said to Janelle, “I guess everyone assumes that a proposed Constitutional Amendment must be a good thing.” The story goes something like this:

    – “Look, honey, a proposed Amendment – it must be good. Let’s vote yes.”

    3 months later…
    – “Look, honey! Our taxes have gone up by a bagillion dollars. Our state debt is even more astronomical than it was. Who do they think they are doing this sort of spending!? What? You mean I voted for that!???

    P.S. – I’m anti-cancer too. As a matter of fact, I’m also anti-chronic asthma. Where’s the bill stipulating appropriations for that and all kinds of other diseases? Sounds like discrimination against asthmatics to me.


    November 13, 2007 at 11:03 pm

  2. I think much of the problem is 1) only 8.2% of eligible voters turned out for the election, meaning that around 5% of the population of Texas decided for the other 95%; 2) people largely act on emotion; 3) quality education is so lacking among our population that we don’t have even a cursory understanding of proper governmental functions, economics, nor how to think critically.

    Most folks think that money just appears from thin air. They don’t understand that government spending still costs them money, the costs are just hidden sometimes in taxes, levies, price increases, inflation, etc.

    But other than that, everything’s swell! 🙂


    November 14, 2007 at 8:53 am

  3. You lost me on where you got any of your Hagee facts from. None of what you stated is on the link you posted. I could agree with your assertions, but I don’t see where they came from.

    As for you non-Israel bias, still kind of lost on that. I am guessing that comes from the Amillenial/covenantal point of view. Just another knuckle dragging, Israel loving, credo-baptist, pre-tribber here 😀


    November 14, 2007 at 11:32 am

  4. Brandon:
    I got the specifics about Hagee’s book directly from his mouth, as it were. A friend e-mailed me an audio file of a commercial for the book in which Hagee makes his claim.

    Stand by and I’ll mail it to you. (If anyone else wants it, just let me know.)

    Matt Lee

    November 14, 2007 at 12:21 pm

  5. cool, i didn’t doubt you, just didn’t see it on the page you linked. Glad you are keeping and eye out for bad theology.


    November 14, 2007 at 1:07 pm

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