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‘Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God.’  ~  Romans 13:1


There are many sources of wonderment and amazement in this world–the Great Pyramids, the Marfa Lights, and just how long a kid can go without sleep.  Take Gracie Mae for example; she has been awake since 2:00am and is still going strong.  And, as all of you parents know, ‘If baby ain’t sleeping, nobody’s sleeping.’


Any Merle Haggard fan worth his salt has ‘Okie from Muskogee’ near the top of his list of favourite Hag songs. As a young(er) man, the lyrics always seemed to fill me with a sense of patriotism and pride coupled with a healthy dose of disdain for the Counter Culture (read ‘hippies).

At one time in my life, one line in particular always seemed to elicit a hearty (if inaudible) ‘Amen!’:

We don’t burn our draft cards down on Main Street

‘Cause we like living right and being free.

However, I have grown to dislike that lyric and all it implies; in fact, I usually skip the song altogether now or change the radio station so that I will not stew and bristle. The reason for my change of heart is the realisation that conscription into the armed forces–being compelled to kill and/ or die against your will–could not be further from the idea of ‘living right and being free’! As I have stated many times in the past, I am no pacifist. As the Bible tells us, there is a time for war. However, voluntarily taking up arms in defense of home and hearth is one thing. Being coerced to fight in a far away land in a war you didn’t initiate against those with whom you have no quarrel is quite another.
As the late, great Senator Robert A. Taft stated: ‘The power to take a boy from
his home and subject him to complete government discipline is the most
serious limitation on freedom that can be imagined.’


‘Returning control of education to parents is the centerpiece of my education agenda.  As President I will advance tax credits through the Family Education Freedom Act, which reduces taxes to make it easier for parents to home school by allowing them to devote more of their own funds to their children’s education.’  ~ Ron Paul


This reads like something Ron Paul would say: 

We shall always measure our foreign commitments so that they can be borne without endangering the economic health or sound finances of the United States. Stalin said that ‘the moment for the decisive blow’ would be when the free nations were isolated and were in a state of ‘practical bankruptcy.’ We shall not allow ourselves to be isolated and economically strangled, and we shall not let ourselves go bankrupt.

However, they are words taken directly from the 1952 Republican Party Platform.  (How far they have wandered!)


Sadly, but one need read no further than the very first line of the ’52 GOP Platform to find trouble:

‘We maintain that man was not born to be ruled, but that he consented to be governed…’

 That passage is utterly contrary to Scripture.  From the Beginning, God has placed us under the authority of someone else (and always and ultimately under Him).  It is codified in the Law and we are admonished to to submit to the proper authorities inasmuch as they do not urge us to act immorally.  


Westminster Larger Catechism exposition on the Fifth Commandment: 

Q. 127. What is the honor that inferiors owe to their superiors?
A. The honor which inferiors owe to their superiors is, all due reverence in heart, word, and behavior; prayer and thanksgiving for them; imitation of their virtues and graces; willing obedience to their lawful commands and counsels; due submission to their corrections; fidelity to, defense, and maintenance of their persons and authority, according to their several ranks, and the nature of their places; bearing with their infirmities, and covering them in love, that so they may be an honor to them and to their government.

Q. 128. What are the sins of inferiors against their superiors?
A. The sins of inferiors against their superiors are, all neglect of the duties required toward them; envying at, contempt of, and rebellion against their persons and places, in their lawful counsels, commands, and corrections; cursing, mocking, and all such refractory and scandalous carriage, as proves a shame and dishonor to them and their government.

 That is one of the issues I take with the Constitution of the United States, as well.  The government does not derive its just powers from the consent of the governed.  Rather, it borrows those powers from God.




The Ron Paul Blimp has finally taken to the sky!




To-day’s 1980’s Moment is brought to you by: Simple Minds


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December 15, 2007 at 11:34 am

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