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A Chilling Thought

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For those of us with young sons (or hoping for the same), the clip below of John McCain enthusiastically endorsing an American military occupation of Iraq–for 100+ years–should frighten the daylights out of us.

The peacemakers are blessed.  Sadly, in our jingoistic society, they appear unpopular.

‘And when the rash representatives in our halls of legislation and our newspapers shall have sown the wind, who will reap the whirlwind? When they have scattered the dragon’s teeth, who must meet the horrent crop which they will produce? Not they alone, but you, your sons, your friends and their sons. So that these misleaders of people, while you so weakly connive at their indiscretion may indirectly be preparing the weapon which is to pierce the bosom of your fair-haired boy, and summoning the birds of prey, which are to pick out those eyes whose joy is now the light of your happy homes. For your own sakes, for your children’s sake, arise, declare that from this day no money, no vote, no influence of yours shall go to the maintenance of any other counsels than those of moderation, righteousness and manly forbearance.’ ~ Rev. R. L. Dabney [Emphasis mine]


Written by ninepoundhammer

January 8, 2008 at 8:05 am

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