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I Can’t Imagine Why Voters Are Cynical

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It appears that Ron Paul and Barack Obama may not have done as poorly in the New Hampshire Primary as first indicated.  Reports are coming out of the Granite State of widespread voter fraud.

 (Via Paul Wison, Prison Planet):

There were several major vote fraud issues to arise out of the New Hampshire primary revolving mainly around Ron Paul and Barack Obama, who were both seemingly cheated out of third and first places respectively as a result of rigged Diebold voting machines and deliberate malfeasance in the counting of hand-written paper ballots.

– Obama had a 13 to 15 point lead over Hillary Clinton heading into the primary. Nothing occured that boosted Hillary’s numbers immediately before the election, in fact immediately after the staged crying incident, many pundits argued it could only have harmed her chances. And yet Hillary somehow managed to instigate a near 20 point swing to defeat Obama by three per cent. If not for her 7% swing as a result of Diebold voting machines, Hillary would have lost to Obama. If Obama was struggling he would probably contest this bizarre outcome, but he is likely to accept the results simply to save face.

The New Hampshire town of Sutton admits that it voided every vote Ron Paul received. The Congressman got 31 votes and yet due to a “human error,” Sutton reported zero votes for Ron Paul. How “human error” can explain not counting 31 votes in succession for one single candidate is beyond the pale and Ron Paul’s campaign should ask for a recount across New Hampshire immediately.

– As soon as people went public with the fact that their votes in Sutton had not been counted, other districts where Paul had supposedly received zero votes, such as Greenville, suddenly changed their final tallies and attributed votes to the Congressman.

– Going into New Hampshire Ron Paul was polling in the early teens and was a strong bet to take third place behind McCain and Romney. Four days before the vote, Rasmussen had Paul at 14% – a significant lead over Huckabee on 11% and Giuliani on 8% – and yet Ron Paul finished with just 8%. Proof of clear vote fraud, allied with the fact that Paul’s numbers show a 6% swing from normally accurate pre-polling forecasts, clearly indicate chicanery was at hand, especially considering the fact that Paul lost those crucial few percentage points to Giuliani as a reuslt of electronic Diebold voting machines which are known to be wide open to tampering and fraud.

Going purely on hand-counts, which as we saw in Sutton were by no means angelic but at least harder to cheat on than Diebold voting machines without getting caught, Ron Paul would have won 15% of the vote and finished third. This figure would have more accurately correlated to the pre-primary polls rather than the ridiculous 8% he was eventually given.

Numerous districts reported totals of anything up to 22% for “other candidates”. What on earth does this black hole of “other candidates” mean? How can one vote for a candidate that is not on the ballot without spoiling the ballot paper? The district of Lisbon reported 22.5% votes for this mysterious “other” candidate, while in the large district of Londonderry, the “other” candidate received 10%. Many are now alleging that these “other” votes were merely siphoned from Ron Paul to keep his final number low.

– Rudy Giuliani, the 9/11 candidate who beat Ron Paul thanks to the aid of a 3% swing on Diebold voting machines, received 9.11% of the vote in three different towns. Coincidence or somebody’s idea of a sick joke?



Written by ninepoundhammer

January 10, 2008 at 11:06 am

3 Responses

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  1. Question…

    IF the % totals would have came out as POLLED instead of the raw vote count…

    Would there have been any difference? – both got 9 delegates.

    Are we betting on horses or collecting delegates?

    All of this % based phsyco horse race meaningless talking head babbling on about who won or lost is irrelevant unless you actually think that the media can talk you in to how you will finally cast your ballot.

    Democracy in the raw sense is a fantasy anyway… get over it and be happy. 🙂


    January 10, 2008 at 11:10 am

  2. Even if the candidate positions/ delegate counts remain the same–or even if McCain were to actually win by a larger margin with a true recount–the point of the matter is to determine whether fraud took place.

    I am arguing that it doesn’t matter whether you were robbed of $1 or $100–you would still report it to the police and hope that the thief would be caught.


    January 10, 2008 at 11:40 am

  3. he still came in third, sadly your guy isn’t going to make it. No worries, my guy did even worse. I understand your frustration though, getting cheated is getting cheated. Will he even be on the ballet by the time the circus called the primaries rolls in to Texas?


    January 10, 2008 at 11:34 pm

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