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War 3:16

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 Languid eyes refuse to see

While wisdom falls to atrophy

Deafened tones of hymnody

And sentries bow to tragedy

Machinations thinly veiled

Yet our discernment clearly failed

He–for these very sins–was nailed

Agape writhes, thin and paled

Our bellies certain we to fill

And teach our children ‘tis blessed to kill

The blood of infidels we swill

Flesh into dirt we turn and till

Oh, Love for all—we sing thy praise

While warfare’s standard high we raise

Despising mercy, horror stays

With scythe we cut down in a craze

Gather at the tolling bell

And sing of God who loves us well

But those who cause our ire to swell

Shall swiftly find their way to Hell

Crowing so of peace and love

While raining havoc from above

In silence, darkness Death does move

On eagle’s wings and not the dove

Horsemen Four, arise and ride

With barren sheaths now at your side

It’s Them or Us he boldly lied

Mothers, your children cannot hide

Should we tell them of the Son?

Or wait until the war is won?

Will they to the true Word run?

Or move they only from the gun?

Foreign souls ours once to save

Lie out of reach once in the grave

In crimson flow our hands we lave

And with their bones our path we pave

Forbidden rest, denied safe haven

Feasted on by worm and raven

Why would they hold in reverent awe

A Gospel red in tooth and claw?

— R. M. Lee


Written by ninepoundhammer

January 17, 2008 at 10:36 pm

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