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The Revolution Rolls On…

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‘…and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.’ 

~ Hebrews 12:1b 

McCain IS NOT inevitable.  You do not have to accept the candidate the media and the Establishment are trying to saddle you with.  You still have a conservative choice for which to cast your precious vote.  Do not waste it.
What will you say when your child asks you: ‘What did you do in the r3VOLution, Daddy?’

Written by ninepoundhammer

February 8, 2008 at 10:26 pm

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  1. Hey Matt, did you know that Alan Keys is also on the ballot for the Republican party?

    Just a little FYI!


    February 9, 2008 at 8:23 am

  2. At one time, I actually was a pretty big fan of Alan Keyes; for the most part, I like what he has to say about following the Constitution, etc. However, in recent years he has said and done some things that I don’t agree with–and which are too intricate to get into here.

    Long story short: I probably would not vote for him right now but if he were to win the nomination, I would not be all that upset.


    February 9, 2008 at 9:15 am

  3. 4 delegates, put down the RP cool-aid my friend.


    February 9, 2008 at 11:43 am

  4. I was wrong, he is up to 14, but it also looks as though he has conceded.


    February 9, 2008 at 12:06 pm

  5. Wrong, Brandon–he currently has 42 delegates. The mainstream media cannot get anything right. (They are also reporting that Huckabee is mathematically eliminated from winning–also not true. If he were to pick up 59% of the remaining delegates he could win the nomination outright.)

    RP ‘cool-aid’? Since when does showing steadfast support for the candidate of your choice become a bad thing? You can snicker if you like but remember a couple of things: 1) Mitt bailed out (as did Giuliani, Thompson, et al.) and Dr Paul remains in the race. HE HAS NOT CONCEDED THE RACE. 2) I would rather fail on principle that be a fair weather supporter.

    I hope y’all enjoy the McCain candidacy. He will lose to the Democrat in a landslide–you can quote me on that.


    February 9, 2008 at 1:20 pm

  6. Matt,

    I have been and continue to be extremely impressed with your dedication to Paul. You have certainly put him on my radar.

    I am also impressed with Paul himself for seeing the race through.

    But it doesn’t mean that you ignore the obvious, Paul doesn’t have enough delegates to beat McCain at this point even if he does have 42 like you said. He is not going to get the GOP position.

    That being said I don’t think it is foolish to vote for him or adamantly support him, that is if he represents you. You don’t vote for someone to win, you vote for someone to represent your views as best they can. Paul will still benefit politically from a strong showing of his supporters even though he won’t be able to secure the nomination.

    Just my two cents, this post was probably not intended for someone who will vote for someone who doesn’t even have a chance of winning.


    February 9, 2008 at 8:36 pm

  7. Though you are right that Huckabee still has a chance, especially with all of Romney’s delegates up for grabs.


    February 9, 2008 at 8:45 pm

  8. For anybody ready this, Matt and I are friends. Although our disagreements may seem heated, it does not affect our friendship and there is no animosity.

    14 .. 42, it is statistically irrelevant, the guy doesn’t even have 5% of the delegates he needs and the race is half over. There is no way he can place. As for your argument that Huckabee has a chance, there are plenty of lotto fans out there that would applaud your math. Just because “it is possible” doesn’t mean it is likely (he is really just running now for VP).

    This is why Romney got out, He had a better shot at but figured a long primary season would be damaging to the party and the eventual republican nominee. I actually respect him more that he withdrew, he is willing to put the part and the defeat of the Dems over his own ambitions. What is the point of running to the end of the race, even if you win, if the thing you have won it is so destroyed that it isn’t usable?

    Ask the folks about stead fast devotion to Jim Jones, hence the cool-aid comment 😉 What bothers me about the whole RP thing is people are loyal to him, not the ideas. It is more a cult of personality (there is an 80’s video you need to post up, Living Color). He brought his ideas forward and they weren’t accepted, maybe because of the person, maybe because of the ideas themselves. The fact that he hasn’t bailed out tell me more about his lack of clarity of current events, he (or his true believers) can’t see that it is/was a lost cause. I am not looking to follow Don Quixote of a wild mission. It is admirable to have high ideals and solid convictions, but in politics not everyone is unified, not does intensity of belief mean it is right or should be number one.

    I wouldn’t say that Mitt and the others bailed out, they are just more realistic. I am still a fan of Thompson, but I didn’t support him because of him (which seems to be the RP, and for that matter Obama, calling card). I support him as a standard bearer for my ideas. RP has some good ideas, but he is not electable. If he really cared about those ideas above himself, he would find someone electable to be the man to run.

    As for your earlier post, he is NOT the new Reagan, if anything he is the new Pat Buchanan. Remember that RR invaded Grenada and bombed Libya, believed in Keynesian economics, and expanded out military . The way he went about promoting his ideas was differently also, Reagan sold it with a smile and won people over. RP and his followers have an arrogance about it, you must believe like we do because we know better and are right. This is the same arrogance that liberals use to brow beat their opponents with.

    We have McCain as an nominee for exactly the mentally you are espousing “if my guy doesn’t get it, I’m out of here”. That is what conservatives said 2 years ago in the mid terms, and they neutered themselves by it. Their lack of support told the party and candidates that they weren’t dependable and you look else where.

    SO …. what we really need is person or group at the forefront of politics to actually push a strong conservative agenda. This is what is NOT happening on the national level, Bush has been terrible at domestic policy (but still better than a Dem). Most of the front people in the GOP (which is not equal to conservatism) are mealy mouth. The beauty of Reagan is that he sold people on the good that conservatism can produce, and how it is actual better for them, their neighbors, the poor, and the good of the nation. That is what we need again.


    February 10, 2008 at 2:41 am

  9. Brandon: I reckon I just don’t understand your position. You posit that someone needs to be out front espousing conservative principles on the national front; that is exactly what Dr Paul has been doing–for 30 years. And, as you stated, it is apparently not resonating. People, I have come to believe, love the welfare/warfare state. They don’t really want conservatism/ liberty–they want the government to take care of everything. And Republicans want war. Lots and lots of war.

    As for Dr Paul being in it ‘for himself’: I will forgive that comment because you do not follow the good doctor’s campaign as I have. He has said REPEATEDLY that his campaign is about the message and not about him. He didn’t want to even run but was persuaded to do so by supporters. He said, and I agree, that he will run as long as his supporters want him to and donate to support the campaign. I respect that–I don’t want him to quit.

    You may also think that we are arrogant. With a group of any size you will have all types and this is no different. However, as my car salesman brother-in-law says, ‘Don’t mistake my enthusiasm for pressure.’ The message may seem shrill at times–but that is because we feel a sense of URGENCY at what is happening. And few, alas, seem to be listening.

    When the dollar (and economy) crashes, our imperial commitments bankrupt us, and we have lost what civil liberties we have left (National ID Card, anyone?), I will be eager to hear what the naysayers have to say about it.

    As for me, I’ll support Dr Paul’s campaign to the end. I’m no quitter. Americans like to pay lip service to fighting to the last ditch and never giving up but it seems folks who actually pursue that course are few and far between to-day.

    After the campaign, I will continue to do what I can to spread Dr Paul’s message–as will he. The campaign is not the END of the r3VOLution, it is merely the beginning. Remember, Reagan got slammed in 1976.

    I don’t like anything McCain stands for and Huckabee is a Christian Socialist. I do not support their ideas and I will not vote for them. Doing so would only encourage them and cause them to think I endorse their ideas–which I most certainly do not.

    Supporting the frontrunner for the sake of supporting a winner doesn’t make any sense to me.

    Maybe you can help me out here: What exactly do you consider ‘conservative principles’ and how is what Dr Paul is espousing different?


    February 10, 2008 at 7:37 am

  10. two things:

    1) once people realize they can they can vote themselves a paycheck, they will

    2) I fully agree that Huckabee is a christian socialist and McCain is worse. I am personally on the fence on what I will do in the national election.

    3) I am going to cook some cinnamon rolls for breakfast.


    February 10, 2008 at 9:21 am

  11. Brandon:
    I love ya, pal–but I reckon I just can’t get with you on this topic. Oh, well, I know that we probably agree on 99% of things–that’s why I am going to let you live. 🙂


    February 10, 2008 at 4:28 pm

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