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(Vladimir) Putin on the Ritz

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‘A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.’  ~ Proverbs 18:24

Two of my good friends—Kevin and Jon—took me out for lunch to celebrate my birthday on Tuesday and I really enjoyed it. Once I graduated from college I lost contact with pretty much all of my buddies and I had really been missing having guys to hang around with. That is one of the (many) reasons I love WPC—there is no shortage of godly men with whom to forge great relationships.

I wouldn’t want to understate how important those relationships are between men in the church; we need them for fellowship, discipleship, and accountability. I have been extremely blessed in having gotten to know the men of WPC through worship services, Covenant Kids, Sunday School, softball, and small group (not to mention their great families) and I encourage all the men to seek out and participate in the lives of each other. (Hint: The Men’s Retreat at the end of this month provides a fantastic opportunity!)

We are our brothers’ keeper.


  • Knowing full well that I am breaking with faux-holiday protocol, I would like to entreat all you lurkers out there to drop a comment or two so that I can get an idea of who all is visiting. (Don’t make me have to beg.)




  • As part of my blog subscription, I am able to get statistics regarding the number of daily hits to my blog, the page from which the visitor came to by blog, and search engine terms used to find my blog (among other things). Some of the search terms used make sense (‘metallic’ and/ or ‘pea’) while others leave me completely baffled. To-day, for example, one of the terms used to find my site was ‘parachute heather ferguson’. Hmmmm.


RP [Ron Paul] spoke today before the annual lobby day of the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association here on the Hill. They are the group that wants government to stay out of their business. It was an enormous success. It was standing room only, with Amish organic farmers sharing space with Capitol Hill staffers and local farm advocates. The room was full of local farm products and unpasteurised milk and milk products, delicious farm-made meats and sausages, artisan breads.

As soon as RP walked in, there was a hush across the crowd. He was introduced by the great local farm guru Joel Salatin to an enthusiastic standing ovation that was so ferocious that it surprised RP. He spoke near a large Ron Paul chocolate sculpture that an artisan chocolatier had crafted for the occasion. His speech was interrupted several times by loud applause and when he finished his message of self-reliance and government non-interference, there was another extended standing ovation.

Another Congressman followed him and remarked at how difficult it was to follow Ron Paul. You could tell: half the room cleared out when RP left. What is interesting about the speech of the Member who followed RP is that several times he emphasized that he was ‘just like Ron Paul’ on this or that issue. That would NEVER have happened before this past year’s events. Members would have gone out of their way to say how different they were from him. Now the opposite is true. And most of his applause lines were when he emphasized how like Ron Paul he is. What a great event! With gallons of that demon raw milk that the government doesn’t want you to have!’ (Courtesy of Lew Rockwell)


I figured that all of you Croc people I know would appreciate their cell phone case:

Croc Cell Case




  • The dollar’s plunge continued unabated Thursday, striking record lows after the European Central Bank kept its benchmark rate on hold and the U.S. released another batch of dour economic reports.’


  • John Eibner, who heads a worldwide Christian human rights group, says although the U.S.-led ‘military surge is reducing violence overall in Iraq, the situation for Christians is still tense and dangerous.’



Ashlee and I have been discussing plans for adding on to our house. 

Here is what we like thus far:





  • Meat for us is breakfast, lunch, and dinner,” says Mr. Hukura, the Katutura tour guide. “When I took some South Africans around, they were wondering how people ate that much kapana. But everyone knows themselves. We know what kind of stomachs we have.”


  • From a Ron Paul supporter in Colorado: ‘Here is why my hopes are up…As I sat there, I realized that most of the delegates in that room were Ron Paul supporters. We had pulled off what nobody yet realizes…we had the majority of delegates! I cannot wait for State and Congressional…and the National convention! If this is an indicator, we are in the calm before the storm. When the convention in Minneapolis happens, the world will be stunned. Why? Because we have quietly infiltrated the party and we are taking it over.







  • Shoppers in Zimbabwe no longer need worry about carrying their purchases home: the chances are that their groceries weigh less than the banknotes needed to buy them.’





To-day’s 1980’s Moment is brought to you by: Skid Row  


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  1. Yes, babies cause momnesia. Kierstyn and I have been saying that for, well, almost 4 years. 🙂 And it gets worse after each kid! Now, what was I supposed to be doing….


    March 7, 2008 at 8:16 am

  2. That picture is hilarious :). Home sweet home!


    March 7, 2008 at 10:17 am

  3. That picture definitely made me laugh! That’s certainly one way to add a Mother-In-Law’s cottage on a small lot. Actually, I have a really tight site for my current fire station…


    March 10, 2008 at 11:27 am

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