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Tactical Retreat

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It has been my intention to post photos from the Men’s Retreat of the weekend before last; alas, schedules and deadlines have conspired against me until now.  First, a bit of introduction regarding the weekend.

We had a great show of men (give or take 35) which included a pleasant mix of young and…mature.  Our speaker was Pete Hatton, the Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) minister from Baylor University.  Pete has preached at our church several times and God has used him mightily, to say the least.

Our theme was ‘Being In the World But Not Of the World’.  Personally, I had arrived with a sort of Christian ‘bunker mentality’, expecting Pete to equip us with numerous methods for taking the fight to the World (the Kingdom of the Lost, if you will) and laying waste to it with great dispatch.  However, his emphasis was to put first things first–which I admit caught me unawares, though it makes perfect sense.

The gist of his message over the two days was this: When we feel assailed by sin; when we feel tempted by sin; when we are involved in sin, we need to fight the urge to run from God out of shame (or rebellion) and run TO Him for respite and renewal.  Turning to God is ultimately better than merely turning from the World. 

In other words, Pete advocates the Norval Corollary: ‘READ YOUR BIBLE!!’

In addition to a most edifying and learning experience–and, again, I can’t thank Pete enough for the great job and effort he put into making our time fruitful–there was great fellowship to be had, as well.  Great food (thanks to the wives who helped out with meals and snacks!), ping-pong, guitar pickin’, dominoes, cards, basketball, and 2:00am piano concertos (a story for another day) were just a few of the activities that introduced men to each other and allowed for a great deal of fellowship.

The Men’s Ministry has discussed enlarging the retreat in breadth and scope in the coming years–and we’re looking forward to it already!



Thanks go to Brian Franklin for doing another great job in leading the singing this year!

Thanks to Brian Franklin for again leading the singing!


Pete again preaches in his usual undemonstrative, static manner.  Actually, Pete is a very engaging preacher.  He’s not as peripatetic as another pastor I know, however. 😉


Because Dr Mills was not at the Retreat this year (he was on call), I was concerned that we would not be able to remove Pastor Coleman’s elbow from Curtis’ chest.  (All ended well, however.)


Sadly, what you can’t hear here is Nathan screaming, ‘Get that weak stuff outta here!’  But, then again, Josh Carmichael’s face is enough to make this picture worthwhile.



Written by ninepoundhammer

April 7, 2008 at 9:38 pm

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  1. excellent captions. They make the post both encouraging, and hilarious.


    April 8, 2008 at 7:29 am

  2. Actually, after looking at the photos again, I have made a couple of additional observations:
    1) The official WPC Men’s Singing Posture appears to require that the left hand be placed in the front pants pocket.

    2) Alex Thomasson seems to be making an attempt to distract Curtis’ defensive maneuvers with a stunning display of Jazz Hands.

    3) Joshua Butcher can sky.


    April 8, 2008 at 9:19 am

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