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‘ He led me back and forth among them, and I saw a great many bones on the floor of the valley, bones that were very dry.’  ~ Ezekiel 37:2







  • As it turns out, weapons inspector Scott Ritter was right: ‘Time after time, I backed my opposition to the Bush administration’s “case” for war on Iraq with hard facts, citing evidence that could be readily checked by these erstwhile journalists had they been so inclined. Instead, my integrity and character were impugned by these simple recorders of “fact”, further enabling the fiction pushed by the administration into the mainstream, unchallenged and unquestioned, to be digested by the American public as truth.’ 




‘They who are shocked at a single murder on the highway, hear with indifference of the slaughter of a thousand on the field. They whom the idea of a single corpse would thrill with terror, contemplate that of heaps of human carcasses mangled by human hands, with frigid indifference.’  ~ Jonathan Dymond




  • ‘Full of fun and mischief, Josephine and Zac Onions are ordinary, healthy children.  But there is something extraordinary about Josephine, five, and her three-year-old little brother-they are both still breastfeeding.’ 




  • Whenever I hear the Beatles songs ‘Paperback Writer’ or ‘Penny Lane‘ I find myself back behind the wheel of the 1969 Ford Mustang I bought when I was 17.  (I must have burnt through three cassettes of their 20 Greatest Hits.)  Interestingly, a scientific research project is currently underway related to memories one has that are tied to the Beatles.  I’ve submitted my memory to the web site-have you? 




  • I’m thinking about getting these for Ashlee for her birthday.  What do you think?







  • ‘Secondly, liberalism was lulled to sleep with the seductive lure of evolutionism-the doctrine of Social Darwinism, which saw history as an ever-ascending spiral of progress. According to this theory, the triumph of liberty is inevitable because Reason, Science, and Enlightened Thinking are on our side. The history of the 20th century would soon refute this.’ 








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