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You Belong to Me

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‘For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.’  ~ Galatians 5:1


Funny search engine terms used to find my blog:


  • patricia calderon christian [Yes, she is.  Thank you.]

  • worm a rama [How do you spell ‘fun’?!]

  • jimmy carter sweater [Uh, the pc term is, ‘perspirer.’]

  • Christian band drunks [Did Luther play guitar?]


  • It is becoming increasingly popular for atheists/ agnostics to (vainly) attempt to employ, rather than to dispute, the Bible to buttress their various humanist arguments and to convince Believers that Christianity need not be compromised in order for secularism to thrive. (‘You can have it both ways!’) The author of this article makes such an attempt by arguing—and I am making a true effort to type this with a straight face—that the Scriptures endorse—nay, mandate—anarchy as the rule of human polity (or lack thereof, actually). Of course, the Word teaches no such thing (exegesis is not the atheist’s friend); it actually requires us to honour the king and to obey the law, inasmuch as it is not at odds with God’s Moral Law. 


  • ‘“Christian books,” I said. “I write books for the Christian market.” And that’s when the earthquake hit! The ceiling fan just above me started swaying. The big water bottle next to us tipped and glugged. The mirror next to her started bouncing back and forth against the wall. The floor beneath us rolled like it was jealous no one ever surfed on it.’



This ‘Bodyguard Auditions’ video is the funniest thing I have seen in some time. 

(The best line: ‘What kind of wood is this?’)




  • Close your eyes, clinch your fists, and repeat after me: ‘The surge is working. The surge is working. The surge is working … ‘


  • The son of one of the most popular leaders in the Hamas terrorist organization has moved to the U.S. and converted to Christianity, it has emerged.’


  • It’s weird. We’ve made “diversity” into some kind of totem, an end to itself, and we haven’t even defined what it is.’


It is our Constitutional responsibility to deal with abuses in our own country or those created abroad by our own foreign policies. Yet we are not debating a bill to close Guantanamo, where abuses have been documented. We are not debating a bill to withdraw from Iraq, where scores of innocents have been killed, injured, and abused due to our unprovoked attack on that country. We are not debating a bill to reverse the odious FISA bill passed recently which will result in extreme abuses of Americans by gutting the Fourth Amendment. Instead of addressing these and scores of other pressing issues over which we do have authority, we prefer to spend our time criticizing a foreign government over which we have no authority and foreign domestic problems about which we have very little accurate information.’ ~ Congressman Ron Paul


 To-day’s 1980’s Moment is brought to you by: Howard Jones




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  1. Wow. I have a stalker. That is just great.

    Patricia Calderon

    August 3, 2008 at 4:25 pm

  2. The True Church

    Persecutions of Christians can come in many forms and in different places. You do not have to be in Africa to suffer persecution, it happens right here on your doorstep. There are many precious Christians here in the United Kingdom that have suffered at the hands of their countrymen, and also at their local churches, – – – – – More At Site Billy



    August 4, 2008 at 12:40 am

  3. Mr Bolitho, I could not agree with you more. Our brothers and sisters are assailed for the Gospel at our doorstep daily.


    August 4, 2008 at 10:49 am

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