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‘For in six days the LORD made heaven and earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.’  ~ Exodus 20:11




One of the most maddening things about Evolution apologists’ arguments is their tendency to draw enormous and unwarranted inductive conclusions from little—or no—evidence whatsoever.  My charitable side would like nothing more than to forgive their transgressions by chalking the errors up being overeager or excited by new ‘discoveries.’  However, a larger part of me can’t help but feel that a significant number of their ‘conclusions’ are the result of outright and orchestrated deceptions.  Coupled with the fawning and cooperative press who report the ‘findings’ as fact without so much as a whisper of opposing viewpoints, it is little wonder that Darwin’s grand deception is accepted as fact by the general public and is the expected presupposition for discussion about the world and universe around us.


For example, there are many troubling aspects in this article which describes what is purported to be an archeological find in Germany that provides definitive ‘proof’ of the evolutionary link between birds and dinosaurs:


         Although Evolution is promulgated as proven ‘fact’ by the vast majority of scientists (the question arises then why it remains the ‘Theory’ of Evolution and not a Law), the article itself describes how previous evolutionary dogma is, apparently, errant: ‘Scientists previously believed that dinosaurs evolved from smaller reptilians around 235 million years ago.’  So, we must wonder, if previously declared air-tight conclusions were wrong, how reliable are the current ‘facts’ we are given? 

         Further into the article we discover that the ‘amazing discovery’ of the supposed evolutionary link actually consists of mere ‘remnants’ of ‘bone fragments’.  There is no entire fossilised body, only ‘fragments.’  This is reminiscent of the Nebraska Man fossil which was supposed to prove the Missing Link Theory—only to be revealed as ONE TOOTH—one PIG’S tooth, actually.

         A few lines later the article let’s the cat out of the bag.  What is reported as an important evolutionary discovery is yet to be confirmed.  It is presented as fact yet it has not yet been verified!

         The article ends by presenting another piece of dubious information as if it were fact by referencing the Archaeopteryx as a proven link between birds and dinosaurs.  Thankfully, our friends over at Answers in Genesis long ago proved why that is not the case at all.


What can be taken away from this article (and others like it) is that Evolution is based upon hyper-inductive reasoning and extreme speculation, that it is stated as fact when that is simply not the case, and is believed with blind obedience by many folks who are either unwilling or unable to think about what is being shoved down our throats.












  • We hear how the Republican Party (and the Democrats, to some extent) has been subverted and taken over by neoconservatives.  What exactly is neoconservatism?  Lew Rockwell explains here in a short podcast. 







  • ‘Thus, over the fate of an Abyssinian slave empire, Britain drove her faithful World War I ally into the arms of a Nazi dictator Mussolini loathed and had wished to confront beside Britain. And Abyssinia was overrun. Are we making the same mistake in the Caucasus? 



  • What we haven’t been told in the news: President Bush appears to be preparing the U.S. for war with Iran.  ‘Here is the basic story. Two aircraft carrier task forces, the Abraham Lincoln and the Peleliu, are already in the Persian Gulf. This is verifiable on the Websites of the carriers. A third task force, the Iwo Jima, was dispatched to the Gulf on August 22. This has been verified by a naval source. Two more – the Theodore Roosevelt and the Ronald Reagan – are said to be sailing to the Gulf, but I was unable to verify this from official sources. The Jerusalem Post reported this, as did at least one Egyptian newspaper cited by the Post. The Arab world is aware of all this. Western audiences are not.’ 

Written by ninepoundhammer

August 28, 2008 at 5:01 pm

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