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‘There shall arise in his place one who imposes taxes on the glorious kingdom; but within a few days he shall be destroyed, but not in anger or in battle.’  ~ Daniel 11:20





If I am sitting pretty and you’ve got a waitress who is making minimum wage plus tips, and I can afford it (the tax hikes) but she can’t, what’s the big deal for me to say I’m going to pay a little bit more. That is neighborliness.’ ~ Barack Obama [ed. – Actually, it sounds more like theft to me.]







  • When I was a child, my daddy had a bumper sticker on the rear of his (sweet) 1975 Ford Gran Torino (like the one in Starsky & Hutch–only brown) that read, ‘Christians Aren’t Perfect … Just Forgiven.’ It is somewhat clever (and probably trite) but a truism nonetheless. We must never forget that the enemy crouches at the gate like a lion and, though we (Christians) are free from the fear of eternal damnation, we are subject to falling into sin–even the most heinous of sins–while we remain on earth. The story that famed Christian singer Ray Boltz has publicly admitted to living a homosexual lifestyle brings this matter to the fore. I pray that God will deliver Mr Boltz from this season of sin and he will be restored to the Church poste haste.


Nevertheless [Christians] may, through the temptations of Satan and of the world, the prevalancy of corruption remaining in them, and the neglect of the means of their perseverance, fall into grievous sins; and for a time continue therein: whereby they incur God’s displeasure, and grieve his Holy Spirit; come to be deprived of some measure of their graces and comforts; have their hearts hardened, and their consciences wounded; hurt and prevalancy others, and bring temporal judgments upon themselves.  ~ Westminster Confession of Faith, 17.3


  • Although the economy continues the slide into full-blown meltdown—a condition caused and fostered in no small part by Federal Reserve and U.S. Government policies—McCain’s ‘solution’ (which is virtually indistinguishable from Obama’s) is to strangle the economy with increased Federal regulation. Still, the electorate—hobbled by a sort of electoral Stockholm Syndrome—will dutifully march to the polls to elect politicians who are openly admitting that they will pursue failed policies injurious to our economic wellbeing and interests.




1980’s Moment: Bruce Springsteen, My Hometown



2 Responses

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  1. I’ve got a question I’ve been considering regarding taxes. We would call uninvited taking of our money stealing, whether by an individual or the government.

    But, if our ELECTED officials or the American people in general vote for a tax hike – i.e., removing more money from our wallets – is it really theft? Is it not then just another example of republicanism at work, like the imposition of any taxes whatsoever, or the approval of a bond for city roads?

    These are things we should talk about in person. I’m just throwing them out there for now.


    September 16, 2008 at 7:52 am

  2. @Brian: To a certain degree I agree with you wholeheartedly. Not all taxation is theft; in fact, we are clearly told in Scripture to pay our taxes (whether oppressive or not).

    My issue, however, is with the motivation of the taxation. That which is taken for legitimate and necessary costs of governing is not only moral but essential. However, taxes which are levied in order to exploit class warfare, purchase votes, to subsidise sloth, fund illegal wars, etc. are, in my mind, theft.

    This is especially the case in the Obama senario I quoted. His basic argument is based on covetousness and class warfare, which leads into the Democrats’ age-old tactic of class warfare/ vote purchasing. Taking someone else’s money against their will for the sole purpose of giving it to someone else who did not EARN it is a clear violation of the 8th Commandment.

    To clarify, however, this does not preclude acts of charity–VOLUNTARY acts of charity. In such cases, those in true need are not required to earn the money given with the aim of assistance in hard times.

    That is my argument in a nutshell; I’ll be happy to throw the issue around some more if you like. As you know, I’m always up for a good political/ theological discussion!


    September 16, 2008 at 8:21 am

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