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The World Needs Ditch Diggers, Too

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‘Moses was educated in all the wisdom of the Egyptians and was powerful in speech and action.’  ~ Acts 7:22

The title of this post comes, of course, from the classic 1980 goofball comedy ‘Caddyshack’.  Due to the gratuitous swearing and other sundry indiscretions therein, I haven’t watched it in years (at least the unedited version).  Still, I have fondness for the superb dialogue and madcap misadventures performed by several comedy legends and Saturday Night Live founding fathers.  Here’s an example of its comedic genius:



Another of my favourite scenes is when Danny Noonan, the film’s antagonist, begins his quest to win a caddying scholarship that will propel him to college and, presumably, the good life.  As he dives headlong into sycophancy with Judge Smails (the country club scion who holds sway over much of the process), Danny mentions how important it is to him to win the scholarship due to his family’s dearth of funds and his lack of academic acumen.  Judge Smails (preoccupied by the bad round of golf he finds himself in) tells Danny, ‘Well, the world needs ditch diggers, too!’

Judge Smails’ offhanded dismissal of Danny’s sob story–in addition to being darn funny–contains volumes of Truth.  The wife and I have had a similar discussion many times, both in relation to our situations and those of our children.  In summation: Not everyone should go to college.  Unless you are embarking upon a career path that requires an advanced degree beyond high school, it is merely a waste of time and resources.  If one considers the fact that not everyone is even equipped for college (either monetarily or intellectually), it can be seen what a waste of resources a college career (however it may last) can be.

To be clear: There is nothing wrong with not going to college.  A sheepskin on the wall amounts to nothing in the Big Picture if it cannot be utilised.  It is a tool and should not be seen or used as a status symbol.  A welding certificate can be of infinitely more value if it is actually used; it certainly has more utility than a PhD in Philosophy of Dead Languages or even a Master’s in history (‘Would you like fries with that?’)

Here is the link to an article that discusses the Education Bubbleand why it can be such a waste of time and money for so many.  Too many students, too many (enormous) student loans–and not enough ditch diggers.

For the record, there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a ditchdigger.  Honest work is honest work.


Written by ninepoundhammer

December 27, 2008 at 9:42 am

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