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17 1/3 Ounces of Lean Beef, Cut Into 43 Pieces

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 ‘If you ask me anything in my name, I will do it.’  ~ John 14:14



Funny search engine terms used to find my blog:


         why does my chicken scream?  [How big are the eggs it’s laying?]

         got worms softball  [Maybe you should change leagues.]

         “sunday monday happy days” Shabbat  [Can you watch that on Sunday?]

         immodest boxers  [I don’t know–Rocky Marciano was fairly humble.]

         cattle chickens  [Have you seen the beak on a Rhode Island Angus?!!!]



One Year in 40 Seconds:








  • A primary concern of mine regarding the prevalence of Dispenationalism is the misguided emphasis followers of said doctrine place on the modern State of Israel.  This erroneous equating of the modern Zionist State with biblical Israel has driven U.S. foreign policy in excess of half a century and has resulted in the encouragement of Israeli aggression and a callous disregard for the violence against and suffering of innocent Palestinians.  To be sure, there is plenty of blame to be pointed at some among the Palestinians—oppressed peoples do not have carte blanche to disregard the rules of war, either.  Still, as the Israeli Defense Force continues murdering Palestinians in Gaza, why is it that so few want to ask the simple question: Why are the Palestinians so angry at Israel? 


While firing rockets at civilians is a crime so, too, is the Israeli blockade of Gaza, which is an egregious violation of international law and the Geneva Conventions.

According to the UN, most of Gaza‘s 1.5 million Palestinian refugees subsist near the edge of hunger. Seventy per cent of Palestinian children in Gaza suffer from severe malnutrition and psychological trauma.

Medical facilities are critically short of doctors, personnel, equipment, and drugs. Gaza has quite literally become a human garbage dump for all the Arabs that Israel does not want.

Gaza is one of the world’s most-densely populated places, a vast outdoor prison camp filled with desperate people. In the past, they threw stones at their Israeli occupiers; now they launch homemade rockets.

Call it a prison riot, writ large.



  • Sometimes I am so overcome by world events that I need to be refreshed by sitting back with a nice glass of chablis and watching the latest episode of ‘Cooking with The Anal Retentive Chef.’




Had my hand on the dollar bill
But the dollar bill flew away.
But the sun is shining down on me
And it’s here to stay.  ~ Rare Earth, ‘I Just Want to Celebrate’ 





  • ‘The Home Office has quietly adopted a new plan to allow police across Britain routinely to hack into people’s personal computers without a warrant.’   








My chickens are finally getting with the programme. 






  • I don’t think all of the Good Americans who find themselves in a fit of unease that Rick Warren will dare invoke the name of Jesus Christ at the presidential inauguration need to worry themselves.  I am fairly certain that Warren will fall right in line (as he is slowly doing in regards to homosexual ‘marriage’) and perform another vanilla invocation that will be largely indistinguishable from when Clark Griswold’s Aunt Melanie says grace before supper in ‘Christ-mas Vacation.’  I reckon we’ll see; I’ve been wrong before and I would be pleasantly surprised to be wrong in this instance, as well.



Written by ninepoundhammer

January 14, 2009 at 12:49 pm

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  1. […] I made a prediction some days ago that Pastor Rick Warren would submit to the Politically Correct Zeitgeist and omit the name of (or any reference to) Jesus in his prayer to-day during the Inauguration of Barak Obama.  And, while I feel that much of the prayer was lacking in substance, he did, in fact, close in the name of the King Most High as well as a recitation of the prayer He taught His disciples.  In light of that fact, I owe Pastor Warren an apology. […]

    Mea Culpa « Metallic Pea

    January 20, 2009 at 1:50 pm

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