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Milk Does the Body Politic No Good

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‘When a stranger sojourns with you in your land, you shall not do him wrong.’ ~ Leviticus 19: 33



Since […] the abolition of slavery never appeared in the platform of any great political party, since the only appeal ever made to the electorate on that issue was scornfully repulsed, since the spokesman of the Republicans emphatically declared that his party never intended to interfere with slavery in the states in any shape or form, it seems reasonable to assume that the institution of slavery was not the fundamental issue during the epoch preceding the bombardment of Fort Sumter.’




What do you do when you’ve been married for 62 years and you’re stuck in the waiting room at the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida?



  • When I see that picture, the first thing I think of is how special and lucky I am to have God use me that way,” Samuel told “I feel very thankful that I was in that picture.”’


  • Bibles in Afghan languages sent to a U.S. soldier at a base in Afghanistan were confiscated and destroyed to ensure that troops did not breach regulations which forbid proselytizing, a military spokeswoman said.’And who collected the Bibles and destroyed them? The chaplains. And here is another reason for Christians to not join or to get out of the military: “U.S. Central Command’s General Order Number 1 forbids troops on active duty–including all those based in Iraq and Afghanistan–from trying to convert people to another religion.” Since the Bible commands Christians to try to convert people, this means the U.S. military is anti-biblical. Christian soldiers, you should obey God rather than men (Acts 5:29). If you can’t obey God in the military then get out.


  • I don’t really care for Trent Reznor nor his ‘industrial rock’ band Nine Inch Nails. However, you have to respect the man for calling a spade a spade and taking Wal-Mart to task:  I’ll voice the same issue I had with Wal-Mart years ago, which is a matter of consistency and hypocrisy. Wal-Mart went on a rampage years ago insisting all music they carry be censored of all profanity and ‘clean’ versions be made for them to carry. Bands (including Nirvana) tripped over themselves editing out words, changing album art, etc to meet Wal-Mart’s standards of decency–because Wal-Mart sells a lot of records. NIN refused, and you’ll notice a pretty empty NIN section at any Wal-Mart. My reasoning was this: I can understand if you want the moral posturing of not having any “indecent” material for sale–but you could literally turn around 180 degrees from where the NIN record would be and purchase the film ‘Scarface’ completely uncensored, or buy a copy of Grand Theft Auto where you can be rewarded for beating up prostitutes. How does that make sense?



  • A similar poll commissioned last year by Faith in Public Life and Mercer University reported that almost 60 percent of Southern evangelicals believed that torture was often or sometimes justified. When the Spanish did it, it was torture. When the Japanese did it, it was torture. When the Germans did it, it was torture. When the Khmer Rouge did it, it was torture. But when waterboarding was done by Americans under a Republican administration, it suddenly became an “enhanced interrogation technique.”


To-Day’s 1980’s Moment is brought to you by: Elvis Costello



Written by ninepoundhammer

May 16, 2009 at 3:47 pm

4 Responses

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  1. Now, you know I’m no “The North was right and Abraham Lincoln is a saint” kind of guy. With that said, don’t you think it’s also reasonable to posit: Just because the ABOLITION of slavery was clearly not the central issue (which it clearly wasn’t), doesn’t mean that the pervasive nature of the institution wasn’t at the heart of most of the country’s sectional disagreements.

    After all, all the other very important issues of the antebellum period (states’ rights, Bill of Rights rules on personal property, expansion into the territories, etc.) were discussed most heatedly, and most violently, when the subject was slavery.

    And, the torture defense in our nation make me sick as well. When Japanese military leaders practiced the same “techniques” on U.S. troops in WWII, we put them on trial and killed them. It’s a good thing we have double-standards – they get us out of alot of pickles!


    May 16, 2009 at 4:28 pm

  2. I understand where you are going with that, Brian–and, in the aggregate, I don’t disagree. Slavery was certainly AN issue of the sectional disagreement(s) and it was THE issue for SOME.

    However, the gist of the quote was that it was not an important issue for the waging of the war–i.e., Lincoln did not plan nor execute the war over slavery…at first, which is a fact.

    As for the torture issue–I am ashamed that some of the loudest cheerleaders in favour of it are to be found within the Church.


    May 16, 2009 at 4:45 pm

  3. I see a complete shortage of samurai swords, caniblism, death marches, poison gas chambers, and bamboo in Guantanamo. But hey, maybe I am reading the wrong news sits. If it make your moral outrage feel better by equating us to past atrocities, more power to you.

    But if you need to scare (put a bug in a room with them, simulate drowning, play AC/DC loud, deprive them of sleep, ect.) someone to help save the lives of Americans, I say do it. Because the terrorist are such an upstanding bunch that are all for the Geneva convention. You two are delusion because you are safe, I think Daniel Pearl would have prefered waterboarding (which the SEALS do to themselves) over beheading. But that is just me.


    May 20, 2009 at 7:23 pm

  4. I’m not ‘equating’ atrocities, Brandon. I am stating emphatically that ALL torture is wrong. Scripture tells us not to do something wrong even if it is for a good end (Romans 3:8).

    You can (and should) pursue and exact justice without barbarity. The sad thing is that we as a society have employed the latter and forfeited the former.

    Question: If important information from a female terrorist suspect that would ‘save the lives of Americans’ could be acquired by raping her multiple times, would that make it acceptable? If not, why not? If utility is the paramount consideration, anything goes, no?

    I would have thought we had outgrown the ‘They do it, too’ argument for justifying our actions.


    May 21, 2009 at 5:34 am

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