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They’ll Kill You–Then They’ll Eat You

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  ‘And the gold of that land is good; bdellium and onyx stone are there.’  ~ Genesis 2:12


  • In an embarrassing acknowledgment, the space agency said Thursday that it must have erased the Apollo 11 moon footage years ago so that it could reuse the videotape.’ Yeah, right—the ‘story’ just keeps getting better and better.




  • The present worldwide inflation has done, and will continue to do, immense harm. But it may eventually lead to one great achievement. It may make it possible to restore (or perhaps it would be more accurate to say to create) a full 100 percent gold standard.’




  • The Bubble Economy claims another victim: Crocs.







  • Want to see what State-Controlled, Centralised Environmental Planning actually gets you? A toxic desert, for one thing.




Sir Douglas Quintet, ‘Mendocino’







Have you ever wondered what The Beach Boys would sound like if they were members of the Church of Christ?




  • Faced with a “consensus” view which looks increasingly implausible, a fast-growing body of reputable scientists from many countries has been coming up with a ”counter-consensus”, which holds that their fellow scientists have been looking in wholly the wrong direction to explain what is happening to the world’s climate. The two factors which most plausibly explain what temperatures are actually doing are fluctuations in the radiation of the sun and the related shifting of ocean currents.’




  • Pastor Chuck Baldwin discusses Christian (dis)obedience to the government in light of Romans 13.  I am not certain that I agree entirely with his interpretation of that Scripture; however, I do agree that we must submit to the government—unless and until our leaders command us to act in a manner contrary to God’s Moral Law. 



  • The [Health Reform (sic)] bill lists eight specific ways that states may use federal grant money to carry out immunization-promoting “interventions.” Method “E” calls for “home visits” which can include “provision of immunizations.” In other words, whether you want your kids (or yourself) to receive certain vaccines, the state can forcibly administer them in your home.’


  • President Bush argued frequently and forcefully that his first job was to keep us safe. He was wrong. The Constitution tells us that his sole job was to enforce the Constitution; and that means keeping us free.’


  • As if the Military-Industrial Complex has not wreaked enough havoc on our Republic—and the world—we now have word of the latest and greatest invention of the War Machine: The Corpse-Eating Robot.



  • Allow me to translate for Hillary!™ Clinton: ‘Although none of us in the government will actually be getting our hands dirty, nor will we be doing any of the actual killing and/ or dying, we are fully prepared to send YOUR sons to their demise in order to achieve our geopolitical agenda.’



I have heard the song ‘Walkin’ On a Thin Line’ from Huey Lewis and the News scores of times in the past 25 years but I never realised (perhaps I wasn’t sufficiently paying attention) that it is an anti-Vietnam War song: 


Sometimes in my bed at night
I curse the dark and I pray for light.
And sometimes, the light’s no consolation.
Blinded by a memory
Afraid of what it might do to me.
And the tears and the sweat only mock my desperation.


 Don’t you know me? I’m the boy next door.
The one you find so easy to ignore
Is that what I was fighting for?
Walking on a thin line
Straight off the front line.
Labeled as freaks loose on the streets of the city.
Walking on a thin line.
Angry all the time.
Take a look at my face, see what its doing to me. 

 Taught me how to shoot to kill.
A specialist with a deadly skill.
A skill I needed to have to be a survivor.
Its over now or so they say.
Well, sometimes, it don’t turn out that way.
Cause you’re never the same when you’ve been under fire.






Paul McCartney: ‘Coming Up’



Written by ninepoundhammer

July 19, 2009 at 3:09 pm

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  1. Just great, I laughed,I cried, I called my Mom…


    July 19, 2009 at 3:21 pm

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